A dad and his daughter ruined my evening

Last weekend was so embarrassing. I decided to watch Frozen 2.

I am an art-house movie lover, watching every movie anticipating some peculiar thing, which should make me go deeper into the intricate plots and styles in the film. Being such a kind of movie buff who hates regular masala commercial movies, for some reason still unknown, Disney’s Frozen in 2013 attracted me a lot and surprised me with its songs. Probably, this is the only animated movie I loved watching and will never Let It Go out of my heart.

On that note, I was waiting for Frozen 2 right from the day it was announced. It finally came into theatres, and I have planned to watch it and booked the ticket. Everything during that weekend seemed to be going well in my life until I stepped into the theatre.

The hall was filled with kids and their families and a group of young girls here and there. It was weird and seemed a bit awkward to realize that I was the lone royal stag in the hall. My mind was screaming ‘Sabari, Runaway !!. You are still single, Male, 26, bachelor and Frozen is not the kind of movie you should watch. There is an A-rated movie (Aditya Varma and Joker) screening at the next hall. Better go there.’

But somewhere in my heart, Elsa’s brave words was ringing.

Let it go…Let it go.. Can’t hold it back anymore.
Let it go… Let it go.. Turn away and slam the door.
I don’t care what they are going to say; Let the storm rage on…
The cold never bothered me anyway.

Unfortunately, the storm raged on, and the cold bothered me in every possible way for the next two hours.

The moment I settled in my seat, a lady from behind was whispering to her husband in Malayalam. ‘Did this idiot enter the wrong hall? Don’t they properly check the tickets before allowing a person inside?’

I smiled inside at her innocence. The next minute, I was terrified when the people(families) around me started staring at me and murmuring about me as if a buffalo entered to crash the buffet party.  However, the storm was yet to rage on. There was a family of four, a mother, six-year-old daughter whose face was too small to handle the 3D glasses, a two-year-old baby boy, and a father who seemed to be worried about the money he spent for the tickets, sitting next to me.


The movie started, and the storm to destroy my peace of mind raged on.

The mother remained quiet and was immersed in the movie. But this stupid father, yes, stupid father didn’t watch Frozen 1. He doesn’t have any idea about the characters and what had happened before. He was chatting in the middle to clear his doubts with his daughter.

I thought, why don’t these fathers have a KT session with their daughters about the movie plot. Why do they fail to have a stand-up meeting to discuss the status of the story with family members before entering the cinema hall?

I can’t dare to ask the parents of the kids, or the kids themselves to shut their mouth. I am alone, and my opponents are in a group; what if they beat me to the pulp? Society tilts in favor of families while pointing the finger at an innocent gentleman like me.
Stupid fathers!!

I should appreciate the girl, a typical Daddy’s princess. She was patiently trying to illuminate her father’s knowledge all the while when her mother didn’t bother to interfere. Amid this nonsense and disturbance, there was one person who got my attention or the other way; his attention was on me. This two-year-old boy, with an intriguing look on his face, was staring at me for the entire duration of the movie. His stare reminded the stories we heard in our childhood that one cruel person would come and take away kids who don’t listen to their parents. He might have been wondering whether I was that person his mom was warning about.

When the movie completed and lights were on, the boy fell asleep, the father was pretending that he enjoyed the movie, the mother and her daughter were happy, and I sprinted out of the hall, like a rat from the hole.

The father and daughter duo almost made me to throw myself into tantrums, but I was unable to. Because at one point of time, I pitied at him and admired him for the time he sacrificed to watch an unusual movie, just for the sake of his wife and daughter.

Whatever may be this father-family sentiment, watching Frozen 2 in the theatre was a terrible mistake……..but a memorable one.

Images copyrighted by abcnews, and pixabay (feature image)

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  1. Big cheater sabari ganesh


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