Elders are concerned about me.

I live in Chennai, the city which is not often preferred by any modern professionals to come here for work due to the harsh climate. The existing prejudice that Tamilians are harsh also adds up against the reputation of city. Back in my hometown which is two hours drive away from Bangalore, the annoying uncles and aunties in the neighborhood insist me and advise me to get a job in Bangalore as if they share a personal emotional bonding with me and miss me all the time. I am a 90s kid and was taught to respect elders. If it was 2020’s kid, he/she would have already raised the middle finger to those over concerned aunties and uncles.

Chennai or Bangalore. These two cities are geographically close to each other with a five hours drive. And my home town is sandwiched between these two cities. Every visit to my hometown never happens without at least one concerned well-wisher advising me to get a transfer to Bangalore. I force myself to smile and nod my head all the time.

Why always Bangalore? Is due to its pleasant weather? I will be working in an air conditioned corporate office, and both the cities are same for me working. Weekend getaways? Bangalore has more malls than Chennai. IDIOTS!! Every mall is having same shops. Pantaloons, Lifestyle, Max, Reliance Trends, Zara, Marks and Spencer, Starbucks, Big bazaar, PVR etc etc etc…….and Chennai also got malls with same shops selling same set of items.

Chennai has world famous tourist spots within and in the outskirts of the city. Chennai’s airport is in Chennai. CHENNAI HAS GOT BEAUTIFUL BEACHES. It has culture. Bangalore’s culture is diluted.

Bangalore’s traffic is the worst in the country, and public transportation sucks to the hell. Chennai has moving traffic, and excellent (affordable) public transport.

What should I do with these people?

I want to scream all these facts to that concerned aunties who advise me to shift to Bangalore. As already said, I am a 90s kid and was taught to respect elders.

I have one more divine blessing in this context. My surname is Bangalore. My father’s great grand parents migrated away from Bangalore region and settled in AP and hence the name. And these aunties and uncles point this out, and ask me to come to Bangalore and feel like I am back at home.

After listening to this emotional advice, I feel like I want to rise my head, spit into the sky so that the saliva falls back on my face. I want to punish and insult myself for saying hi and starting a casual conversation with these stupid people.

Another stupid reasoning, they give is that girls and their parents in our region usually prefer Bangalore and it would be difficult for me to find a girl for my marriage if I stay in Chennai.

This is the point where my already boiling blood reaches saturation levels, and starts fuming out of my ears. But I can’t do anything, because I am a 90s kid and was taught to respect elders.

Feature Image by Alex E. Proimos / CC BY

One response to “Elders are concerned about me.”

  1. I am a 90s kid and was taught to respect elders.😇😇😇

    Real story for all in a different situations .. 😍


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