About me

This blog contains my observations and ruminations about the contemporary events. An introvert’s best medium to let open his/her thoughts is through writing, and here I am trying to do whatever I can.

Exploring the thought process, for any author, tries to fill the gaps left by many unanswered questions. I am confused about the various facets of our existence and searching for answers. This quest for knowledge is eternal.

Although not a tech geek and neither rich enough to have a batpod, I dream of becoming the Dark Knight of Chennai, capable to do anything if given the power for my city and country.

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Contact me at sabariganeshb@hotmail.com

12 responses to “About me”

  1. Big cheater sabari ganesh


  2. Fraud sabari Ganesh


  3. The worst guy sabari ganesh


  4. Pig is dancing with many girls to touch them


  5. Hi Grandfather


  6. Penta moham sabari ganesh


  7. Dirty blog


  8. Aids patient


  9. Absconded Thief


  10. Beat this aunty with slipper


  11. Thu ni brathuku


  12. i have an odd feeling that sabari ganesh is a fraud


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