Another NEW YEAR !!!

There are optimistic people in the world who think that this new year will bring more success, joy, memories to them. That optimism is most commendable strength we have. TimRobbins advises Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption not to loose hope and integrity in life. Having a perfect outlook on our future is necessary for youngsters like us who are going to enter the real society where new challenges emerge which we are unaware of till now.

Yes, we are entering into another glorious new year. We may spend last week of December, devising new plans to enjoy the new year’s eve, shopping, gathering colorful greetings etc..Delhi got a memorable welcome with swearing in of new dynamic young cabinet of ministers to their state under the leadership of Arvind Kejrival. Andhra Pradesh still lingers in chaos originated from state bifurcation. Chennaites are waiting eagerly for Chennai Open and I am waiting eagerly to start 2014 with hot Idly-Sambar at Thevar Vilas beside Big Temple on JAN 1st.


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