Do you know which quality in us is responsible for all negative thoughts, bad feelings towards others, quarrels with others, which won’t accept others words easily, which will always make us to be upper hand. It is the only thing in the universe which is responsible for great wars resulting in death of innocent lives. We have many references in the history. Ego of Duryodhana was one of the reasons for the outbreak of Kurekshetra. Ego of Hiranyakasyapa killed him. That is the negative energy of ego.
Every one of us have ego. It is the dangerous disease. Mostly it has negative effects. But, possession of it is good for us in few cases.
Many people become great by just deleting ego from their soul. Being egoistic turns ourselves to be superior to all. It makes others to listen our words even if they are bad. Those who suggest and contradict us will be turned into enemies. Making enemies is easy but again turning into our friends is a herculean task. I think many of us have faced this kind of situations.
Ego crushes our intellectuality. It leads our mind and heart towards evil things. By the time we realize, it will be over. Damage will be done. No one will pardon us even if we regret. Having many friends even makes us feel lonely.
If we are egoistic, it slowly ruins our social life which involves loosing relationships and creating bad reputation about us. Finally we can see broken hearts and heart breaking questions to us. In this situation, we are the most grief struck person in this world with none to comfort us. You need a companion to console you. With tears and regrets, you pray to God for mercy.
In that situation if we remind the evil things done, we have a lot of questions from the lives which we have destroyed and the hearts which we have broken. Our heart is too weak to bear at that point of time and some of us may take extreme steps which are not to be taken.
A loving heart can change the situation and comfort us. We need to be happy and feel lightened by sharing our feelings with a person who can understand us. This will be our friend and with his/her help try to make many more friends and make them happy and live happily. Try to suggest others up to your knowledge when they are doing wrong and say them how bad it will be if they are egoistic.

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