Impossible but necessary

Before embarking a new task, there exists a tradition among Hindus to look into the panchangam or calendar for good celestial time (subh muhurtham). Recently, for moving into a new rented house, my parents advised me few good celestial slots during which I can enter into a new house.

1st January is a shub muhurtham for everyone in the world irrespective of their religion. We take resolutions in the beginning of each year. A healthy diet plan, strict gym schedule, studying, quitting smoking and drinking and starting other ones.

Now, January is over. What about those resolutions? What about the diet plan and gym workouts? How many of you adhere to those resolutions till now? Do you even remember them? Or did you give up your work citing any reasons?

Do you need a shub muhurtham to plan your new tasks? Do you feel any difficulty in continuing your resolutions? Do you procrastinate? Do you need a guidance? There is one person who can guide you.

That one person is you. Yes, it is you. Speak to your inner conscience, meditate and communicate. It motivates you. It tells you what you lack in your life? Still, if you need motivation, stand in front of a mirror and spit yourself on your face. It gives you a lot of motivation and steers you in right direction.

Don’t think those resolutions are impossible. Think them as necessary. (Actually, I framed this sentence from watching a scene in a recent movie Interstellar).

Do good and feel good.

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