An intangible inheritance to everyone

Indian families in general and Hindu families in particular follow different kind of traditions which will pass onto the generations. Fortunately born into such an Indian Hindu family with strict religious practices, I inherited an intangible property from my ancestors which appears modern, stylish and sometimes absurd to everyone. I wondered sometimes how and why I got it?

Right from the days while I went to school, whenever I say about it, my friends used to burst into laughter with confused and unbelievable look on their pretty faces. Initially I felt uncomfortable with that weird thing tagged to me. But, eventually I got used to it and in due course of time, it created a kind of unique identity to me. Bearing several funny comments from peers, it was a beautiful journey till now with it.

That intangible inheritance which I possess now is my surname.

My name is Sabari Ganesh Bangalore. I am not from Bangalore, but I am from Madanapalle, a beautiful and picturesque town surrounded by mountains in South India. My friends dearly call me Sabari and I like to be called by the same name. My father calls me Ganesh and my mother and sister have a several names in their vocabulary to call me, scold me, praise me and shout at me.

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