The Pen is mightier than the keyboard

During early mornings encounters which have been going on with The Hindu, I stumbled upon an article today (click here) in the open page which reminded me the musings of Handwriting.

Handwriting in our schooldays was considered as a vital tool during exams to impress the examiner. There often goes a saying that a very good hand written answer even without any relevant content may fetch you fair amount of marks whereas a badly written one may not fetch you the deserved score. We came to know that it is false after coming to graduation.

I remember vividly the last time I wrote with pen. It was exactly two weeks ago in a retail store where I had to sign a bill when I used my debit card. And the last time when I scribbled something legible was on May 5th 2014. It was my last day in college where I wrote more than twenty pages exhaustively on the subject of Organisational Behaviour during my semester exam.

As a son of a Master in English Literature, I often got suggestions from my father and most of the times scoldings regarding my handwriting. He was a lecturer and he used to often remind me about several conspiracy theories examiners followed during evaluating answer sheets.

Those were the days in college, when pen was a compulsory possession besides notebooks. We used to take down notes during classes and when felt bored we scribbled on benches.  When the class seems not interesting we imitate as if we are attentively listening. There has to be a pen in our hand during our acting and overacting in the classroom. .

I have the habit of carrying a pen in my waist pocket every time I venture out. My friends often ridiculed me when I carried a pen into a movie theater. And I authoritatively replied them by a well known statement Pen is mightier than sword to which I was thrown a sarcastic look by them.

I came to know about Graphology from todays article. It explains the inner depth of science in handwriting. We can estimate few qualities of a person from examining his handwriting. Yes, from his handwriting not her handwriting because women are difficult to understand. No theory has come till now to study their mind.

Gone are the days where we used to sent letters and now everything is through phone and emails. Gone are the days when we gifted each other with a Parker and today we are gifting a smart phone. World has changed and eventually lifestyle has changed. Pen is fading away from office table spaces.

Now I stare into the computer screen daily for more than nine hours typing some nonsense with the keyboard.


Feature Image photo credit: Ctrl-Alt-Delete by Richard. CC BY-NC 2.0

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