Not my boss

You are not my boss..

Citizens of my country are too much busy watching BigBoss. They forget to have food and bath but enjoy watching the big boss inmates cooking food. This madness exceeded its limits to an extent where few of them started joining army.

Yes…you read it right!! Bigboss has been triggering not patriotism or nationalism to join army but a simple madness. This army is not administered by our Ministry of Defence, but formed by few socially radicalized fans of Oviya, the lady who garnered enviable number of fans in a short period of time for an unknown reason. I have only watched the first episode of the Tamil version because of Kamal Haasan and soon realized the fact that this is not my regular cup of tea(milk) but an useless drink.

So, instead of looking into the profile of these (un)lucky contestants, I researched the history and growth of STAR Vijay, its new cousin STAR Maa and their step mother STAR Network and finally ended up staring at the picture of the headquarters of their God mother, 21st Century Fox in Manhattan, New York.

BigBoss is a fine example of media globalization shown on the cards. But what happens behind the curtain is an awful colonization of the prime time of the youngest and highly populated country.

My problem with Big Boss is not with it’s over reacting audience and also not with my roommate who keeps himself busy watching the show and orders me to bring food. But my problem is with magnitude of the cultural and psychological impact it is going to create on its contestants as well as the show’s audience.

1211 Avenue of the Americas
Headquarters of 21st Century Fox in Midtown Manhattan

When the entire show across all the languages has a strikingly similar format, it is not shocking to witness the meticulous strategy this program employs to sustain the interest in audience. Of course it should have brought such strategies from New York.

I still don’t understand how in the world this program is gaining popularity. Reputation of these shows proves the fact that modern humans are more interested to peep into the lives of others. Very rarely do I log into my facebook and when I logged in recently, my wall was full of BigBoss posts and its pathetic unfunny trolls.  Even more disgusting and pathetic is the Telugu version hosted by NTR Jr which arrived lately as a bumper offer from 21st Century Fox.

I loved NTR’s Janatha Garage released last September. But this BigBoss house seems to be a mental garage. The brain of its inmates is completely ruined. The left and right hemisphere in the cerebrum part of the brain might have got mixed up, the grey matter and white matter have turned into dark matter and the medulla oblangata should have got disconnected from the brain stem to slid off down the spinal cord and finally got washed away in the monsoon rains.
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While I am writing this, my friend Mr. BNT entered the hall. He just reached from office. Chennai is a beautiful city blessed with summer forever and we does not care about the chilling GOT warning ‘Winter is coming’. Generally people here will have some water and get refreshed a bit when they reach home. But this handsome gentleman went straight to my bed room, switched off the lights and started watching Bigboss in his imported 5.5 inch Chinese android phone. To my left in the kitchen, is my other gigantic friend Mr. JA discussing with someone about the events of the latest episode in phone. Watching this mad spectacle was me, Mr. SG, sitting in the hall with my beardless chin buried in my hands wondering whether my friend’s medulla oblongata had found its way into Bay of Bengal via Buckingham canal.

My dear Kamal Haasan, When are you going to relieve this exasperating madness around me and reveal your second Vishwaroopam ?

Images By Sujiez0204 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Coolcaesar at the English language Wikipedia [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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