Lockdown Ruminations – Days of misinformation

The idea of pandemic for me was different than what we are witnessing today. The crap from Hollywood filled my head with zombies, and I was under a stupid impression that this is how it looks like; virus infected persons scrambling and running ferociously to bite people. But Covid-19 changed everything I knew about a pandemic. The 26year old and exhausted neurons in my brain had to recharge with new electric impulses and discharge the older ones.

There is a difference between an epidemic and a pandemic, and I came to know about it only few days ago when I explored in detail on what caused the mess we are currently in. The blame game started with pointing fingers at the gross lethargy we showcased in preventing an epidemic from turning into a pandemic.

Hydroxychloroquine, which took me three times to get the pronunciation right, almost made India the super power in the world. Hand sanitizers triumphed in forcing the Indian bachelors to use them who instead would have thought twice to take bath on a weekend. This kind of healthy information is good to have, but there are others that test my patience levels. Despite of having free access to information today, we are mostly fed with misinformation. This is the most unfortunate blessing of the technological advancements.

The mayhem caused by the celebrities in these lockdown days is extraordinary. Every one, both online and offline, is busy uttering Stay Home Stay Safe. It’s like every Tom, Dick and Harry throwing the words “Happy Birthday” on your Facebook wall. Everyone has become an expert in analyzing the political and economic events because everyone has got a platform to express, like what I am doing now, and a lovely I have nothing else to do in this world kind of audience to listen.

The problem here is you can’t escape the online nuisance, because it is everywhere. When I try to read something about the latest developments in my city, a news article pops up suddenly from nowhere saying “Anushka Sharma gave hair cut to her hubby Virat Kohli, and they both look adorable”. Ayooooo!!. It seems the entire universe is trying to convince that it is the next most important news we need to know. Using a VPN, private browsing, disabling cookies, adding topic preferences would never help you escape from reading these kind of stupid news items. It tries in fall in our sight in one way or the other.

And the memes, I am addicted to it. They are the only respite in this lockdown period.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

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