Entertainment during lockdown

I was struck in hometown due to the lockdown, and it has been 60 days away from bachelor life.

Besides Skype and Webex meetings, continuous work with hundreds of emails, and regular scolding from my mom for not switching off the pressure cooker after 3 whistles and forgetting about the boiling milk on stove, these are the list of items I enjoyed, amused and regretted for watching. I confess that I wasted my valuable time by watching these things during lockdown, but few of them were excellent and I learnt many valuable perceptions.

The list includes movies, TV series, documentaries and talk shows from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and TED.

[Not in ranking, but in alphabetical order]

Amazon Prime Video:

American Beauty – The dynamics of relationship and having fantasies which sometimes are more dreadful.

Based on a true story – Writer’s block never seemed to be so dangerous.

Blow the man down – Two sisters who lost her mother will go to any extent to safe guard their future.

Charlie’s Angels – Boring

Contagion – More related the procedures to be taken and the dangers to avoid in the current corona virus pandemic.

Godzilla- King of Monsters – Boring

Hanna – An okayish revenge story.

If something happens – When greed overcomes morality, life will take drastic turns and plunges you into depths from which you will never rise. Stunningly picturised with minimalist production.

Indecent Proposal – How much ever costly it can be to afford, love never leaves us.

Judith Lucy vs Men (Standup Comedy by Judith Lucy; English) – Lame jokes on men, but this lady has some wits to outsmart men.

Mr.Family Man (Standup Comedy by Praveen Kumar; Tamil) – The only standup comedian in the country who never uses any profanity, vulgarity in the show. We can sit with family and watch his act. Highly recommended for everyone. His other show 36 vayithinile is also equally good.

Sherlock, A case of Evil – Ok

The Test (Stupid Documentary)– Too dramatic and I felt so stupid while watching the show. Australian cricket paid a price to Amazon to resurrect themselves and show them that they are good guys. Every cricket fan knows the way Australians sledge, bully and insult the opponent players. They are famous for having low levels of game spirit. But all it needed was an eight-episode series to show the world that they are good guys. And why is Virat Kohli shown as a villain?

Whiplash –  Have an ambition, Practice, Show and Succeed. How hard it is to strive for perfection under a monstrous coach? Never leave your dreams behind.

Zodiac – What the hell was the conclusion? But it was gripping all the duration of the movie.

Zombieland Double Tap – Typical Zombie comedy with one or two laughs.


6 Underground – Except for the initial chase scene with smashing cars and buildings, nothing was racy in this bald narration.

Arrival – Astonishing and stunning. It killed my mind, and I had to purchase the kindle short story book on which this movie was based on. The evolution of language explained at the best possible way.

Dirty Money (Documentary): Very insightful, and gives us many incidents and lessons how not to handle a business.

Margin Call – 2008 Stock market Crash, How a finance corporation made money by anticipating the disaster that’s going to happen.?

Minimalism (Documentary) – I have been trying hardly to follow minimalism in my life since the beginning of my career, and this short documentary was helpful in gaining valuable insights.

Operation Finale – A gripping true story of how a Nazi officer in exile was brought to justice by Mossad.

Peaky Blinders –I am fond of the British television shows, and they never disappointed me. I binged this show. It remains my favourite British show besides Sherlock, Bodyguard and The Night Manager.

The Big Short – Few intelligent bankers anticipate the 2008 crisis two years earlier and they do every margin trades and options to make a kill of money when the catastrophe arrives on Wall street.

The Witcher – Good, but falls far behind in achieving the fame and class of the Game of Thrones.

Triple Frontier – An ounce of greed for money is enough to put a well-planned mission in jeopardy.

Up in the Air – Many people are loosing jobs now to corona virus economic tragedy. How would the conversations look like at the time of those firing interviews.? Heart warming movie with many thought provoking lines about job, career and the necessity of a family.

War Machine – Politics in the time of war in Afghanistan. A decent movie.


“Everything happens for a reason”, and other lies I’ve loved – Kate Bowler.

Capitalism will eat us – Yanis Varoufakis

How language shapes the way we think – Lera Boroditsky

How the coronavirus is impacting India – Gayatri Vasudevan

How the coronavirus pandemic is changing the world – Fareed Zakaria

How we must respond to coronavirus pandemic – Bill Gates.

Its OK to feel overwhelmed – Elizabeth Gilbert.

Online predators spread fake porn of me. Here’s how I fought back – Noelle Martin

Rethinking infidelity.. a talk for anyone who has ever loved – Esther Perel (my favourite)

The anti-CEO playbook – Hamidi Ulukaya

The power of introverts – Susan Cain

The weird history of the sex chromosomes – Molly Webster

To overcome challenges, stop comparing yourself to others – Dean Furness

Who would the rest of the world vote for in your country’s election – Simon Anholt

Why fascism is so tempting, and how your data could power it – Yuval Noah Harari. (I recommend his book Sapiens).


Karthik dial seytha enn? – A nostalgic short story. The feelings of love never fade away even after breakup.

Image by Alex Nicolae from Pixabay

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